July 2013, Greetings from Fano, Italy

Hey, everyone,

So glad to be in Italy!  It’s a perfect place for making music and working on my 1st Album… I feel honoured to be learning about the craft of song writing from composer pianist Laurex or Bruno Laurenti and to be working with the head of DeLirica Studio in Fano,  Paolo Berti, as well as getting to know other amazing Italian musicians.  I’m learning so much every day and can’t wait to get my EP out there but have to be patient.. these last days in the studio have been really intense.

The weather in Marche, Fano has been great and after so many month of cold’n rain in London, it’s such a joy to feel the morning sunshine and the sea air, as well as to enjoy some amazing Italian food!  Thanks to Gian for being here every step of the way of this fascinating process!

I really wish everyone a fantastic rest of the summer and holidays, what ever you’re up to..

Love Lola xXx

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