Le Marche, summer 2015

Buona Domenca!!

Greetings from Italian region of Marche, where I am spending this summer with friends in DeLirica studio! So excited to arrive to the point of finalising arrangements and mixing my songs, hurray!.. At last, everything is coming together, such an intricate and fascinating process! Being my first album I’m learning so much and working in Italy is fantastic because at the end of the day, you will always see a genuine smile and beautiful food on your table. Being a foodie eating well is important for me, especially when I’m spending lots of hours in the studio. I really need those carbs;-) In the last weeks here I’ve had a chance to meet wonderful people and visit some amazing little places, which I am delighted to recommend in and around Fano.. A brilliant rest of the summer to you all!  With love,  Lola G. xXx

Locanda San Martino, Montalfoglio, restaurant of Alessandro and Marina Montanari and la mamma who is in charge of cooking.. This has been one of the best meals I’ve ever had, thanks to the hospitality and warmth of all the people who work at Locanda San Martino, exquisitely cooked lamb (Agnello con lardo di Colonnata), selection of local antipasti, wines and sweet sour cherries liquer (Vihsila) to finish the meal! www.locandasanmartino.it

La Grotta di San Paterniano, restaurant & agriturismo, great homemade pasta and meat dishes, the place is beautifuly kept by Phillippo Pierini and members of his family. www.agriturlagrotta.it

Osteria della Peppa, Fano, traditional dishes and homemade pasta, my favourites are simple gnocchi in plenty of Pomodoro Basilico sauce. Energetic, positive owner Marco and friendly stuff will leave you wanting to come back. www.osteriadellapeppa.it

Osteria del Caicco, Fano, fish restaurant of a friend Roberto Agostini… who also owns a beautiful caicco boat making it possible to book a day out in the sea!  www.osteriadelcaicco.com

La Luna nel Pozzo, San Vito Sul Cesano: Family restaurant, traditional Marche food, love their homemade green pasta with asparagus sauce and smoky grilled lamb!  www.ristorantelalunanelpozzo.it



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