Summer 2017

Hey everyone, how are things?
I’ve been really in need of some proper summertime fun & a bit of Gershwin!
In retrospect, must say that May 2017 was a dreadful month, with all that is happening in this world and lately in London, it is simply impossible to stay neutral and optimistic, but of course, life goes on and so do we must keep going and find ways to be positive and grateful for every good thing in our lives each and every day. And of course, there is always so much to be thankful for! Now, with June and nearly half the summer behind us, I’m looking ahead and I trust and pray that all will be well for us all, our children and all our loved ones! And to celebrate life and our dreams, I have decided that 18th of August will be the perfect day to release my album Undreamt Dreams! Let the summer begin, stay tuned & hope you are having a beautiful time where ever you are!! Love, Lola G.

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