Undreamt Dreams by Lola G. is now OUT!

HELLO everyone,

I am so happy to say that my debut album ‘Undreamt Dreams’ is now officially out! At last! It was released on August 18th, on the day of my son’s birthday, since ‘Undreamt Dreams’ is also my baby and because my family, my children are the greatest inspiration for starting to write my own music! So much love and work went into creating ‘Undreamt Dreams’, learning each step of the way… and for me, singing, writing, recording and creating it and my family has been one interconnected, empowering process. I’m so grateful to my voice coach Danilo and to all the fantastic people and musicians I met, helping me to get to this point! I’ll always remember the day I first stepped into the Abbey Road Studios, where ‘Undreamt Dreams’ was mastered and the amazing sessions with talented Italian and British artists … Now we have such beautiful songs, ready to come out.. And I’m so … super excited! They say that the first album can take the longest to create and that sure was the case for me. It has been an incredible journey and this is just the beginning, as I’m now writing and working on my new songs/material for a follow-up album!

I’m asking for your support: if you have not done it yet, please, download ‘Undreamt Dreams’ by Lola G. from iTunes Amazon, Google etc … all that I receive will go towards recording and producing my next album.  And do check out ‘My photos’ section, which has colour and black and white photos taken by the legendary British pop photographer Christie Goodwin. I’m really grateful to Christie for supporting me and this project!

Please, feel free to comment….. positively 🙂 …….. and above all, to share this news with all your friends, inviting them to download my debut album too and to sign up at www.lolagmusic.com to join my network of music friends!

Happy days …Love to all! Lola G. xXx

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