Suoni dal Golfo

Hello & trust you’re enjoying the summer where ever you are! ❤😎😘

It hasn’t been an easy summer for me & I’m longing for some sea air and can’t wait to be back in Lerici, where this August I’ll be singing in Gianluca Marciano’s beautiful festival of poetry and music Suoni Dal Golfo!

This gorgeous part of Italy is called the ‘Gulf of Poets’ because many brilliant writers & poets like Byron and Shelly worked and lived in Lerici, inspired by the beauty, bellissimi paesaggi and no doubt great Italian food and hospitality!

So if you fancy coming over or you find yourself in those parts of Europe at the end of this month, please, come to my performances, here’s more information about the festival:

On 24th August, Samson & I are doing an evening dedicated to Alexander Pushkin & Russian music, whilst on August 25th I’ll be performing with my own songs and some lighter music jazz repertoire, on that night I’ll also be presenting my new song HeartQuake, which I wrote specially for our close family friend Anna Marra, with great admiration for her amazing work, passion and determination in creating Heartquake charity, helping communities in central Italy, Marche, post devastating earthquakes back in 2016. Please, feel free to make a donation here:

Sending you my love and best wishes for the rest of this summer!

Lola xXx


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018!

Buon Natale! Merry Christmas!! May 2018 be a great & healthy year for us all!

Being a mum is awesome. In the last year I’ve enjoyed taking my children to a wonderful playgroup at St James church in W2 and I’m going to give a small lunchtime recital there on the 30th of January as a thank you for all the kindness shown to us by the community.  It will also be an opportunity for me to share some of my new songs, as well as the music from my debut album Undreamt Dreams. Please, do come if you are going to be in London that day: entry is free, 1pm, St James Church, Sussex Gardens in W2, near Lancaster Gate At the end of the of the concert I’ll be offering signed copies of my music album Undreamt Dreams at a special price and with part of proceeds going to HeartQuake, a charity started by a dear friend this year, helping to rebuild homes and communities in central Italy, destroyed in the last year’s devastating earthquakes:

I’m also delighted to start my music collaboration with concert pianist Samson Tsoy, whom I actually met singing at the concert in support of HeartQuake this August and with whom we are now preparing a programme of Russian music with concerts in London and in Italy, which we’ll sure let you know about..

Thank you for reading this and for your support, which really does mean so much to me!

Love & seasons’ greetings,

Lola G. xXx


Undreamt Dreams by Lola G. is now OUT!

HELLO everyone,

I am so happy to say that my debut album ‘Undreamt Dreams’ is now officially out! At last! It was released on August 18th, on the day of my son’s birthday, since ‘Undreamt Dreams’ is also my baby and because my family, my children are the greatest inspiration for starting to write my own music! So much love and work went into creating ‘Undreamt Dreams’, learning each step of the way… and for me, singing, writing, recording and creating it and my family has been one interconnected, empowering process. I’m so grateful to my voice coach Danilo and to all the fantastic people and musicians I met, helping me to get to this point! I’ll always remember the day I first stepped into the Abbey Road Studios, where ‘Undreamt Dreams’ was mastered and the amazing sessions with talented Italian and British artists … Now we have such beautiful songs, ready to come out.. And I’m so … super excited! They say that the first album can take the longest to create and that sure was the case for me. It has been an incredible journey and this is just the beginning, as I’m now writing and working on my new songs/material for a follow-up album!

I’m asking for your support: if you have not done it yet, please, download ‘Undreamt Dreams’ by Lola G. from iTunes Amazon, Google etc … all that I receive will go towards recording and producing my next album.  And do check out ‘My photos’ section, which has colour and black and white photos taken by the legendary British pop photographer Christie Goodwin. I’m really grateful to Christie for supporting me and this project!

Please, feel free to comment….. positively 🙂 …….. and above all, to share this news with all your friends, inviting them to download my debut album too and to sign up at to join my network of music friends!

Happy days …Love to all! Lola G. xXx


Summer 2017

Hey everyone, how are things?
I’ve been really in need of some proper summertime fun & a bit of Gershwin!
In retrospect, must say that May 2017 was a dreadful month, with all that is happening in this world and lately in London, it is simply impossible to stay neutral and optimistic, but of course, life goes on and so do we must keep going and find ways to be positive and grateful for every good thing in our lives each and every day. And of course, there is always so much to be thankful for! Now, with June and nearly half the summer behind us, I’m looking ahead and I trust and pray that all will be well for us all, our children and all our loved ones! And to celebrate life and our dreams, I have decided that 18th of August will be the perfect day to release my album Undreamt Dreams! Let the summer begin, stay tuned & hope you are having a beautiful time where ever you are!! Love, Lola G.


NO to Whiteleys demolition & proposed reconstruction plans: Let’s save historic London from greedy developers!

Dear All,
I am asking all of you who read this and agree, to support and sign the petition that was started by the local residents of London’s W2:
As a Londoner and as an artist I feel very strongly about protecting the cultural heritage of the city I love so much. Now the proposal has been made to demolish historical Whiteleys in the preservation area of London’s Bayswater, W2, retaining the facade, removing the central Milan’s La Scala opera house replica staircase and constructing two 11 floor towers to accommodate a luxury hotel and apartments!  The terrible thing is that one billion pound behind it means a lot of powerful people must be pushing for this project to be approved.
Allowing this to happen and for Westminster council to approve this proposal may well create a precedent, which means all of the historical, precious buildings in London would be in danger! Just imagine Harrods or Buckingham Palace being reconstructed with towers sticking up, not to mention ruining the skyline and stealing the light and privacy from the neighbours’ homes!  Britain prides itself on its history and the ancient laws and one of them is a person’s right to light.
Constructing these towers, much much higher buildings than any of the existing structures around is altering the original building into something it isn’t. Of course, everyone is up for improvement and Whiteleys needs it as well, but it has to be done sensibly and with respect to its overall structure, features and neighbours rights to light and quality living. The developers also want to dig down three floors, which creates the risk of subsidence and flooding to the area. Already a huge mistake was made in granting the permission to construct hideous HydeParkOne (how on earth did they get planning permission for this ugly building to stand in the middle of elegant Mandarin Oriental, Knightsbridge?!) , but in our case, Whiteleys is already there and it should be protected beyond Grade II as a beautiful, historical building and the oldest shopping mall in the country, with amazing features and history, for Londoners, visitors and our children’s children to enjoy.
In addition to signing the petition, you can object / write your comments directly on Westminster Council’s official website:
Let’s not allow billions of pounds and greedy developers to fck up the city we love!
Many thanks & have a great day xXx Lola G.
PS. You can also read more about this proposal in the recent article written by Ms Lucy Sherriff:
“Whiteleys was bought in 2013 by a joint venture between an unnamed Brunei family and Dutch property fund Meyer Bergman with the aim of turning the scruffy street into the ‘Covent Garden of the West’ by 2020.’
And I totally agree with Lucy when she writes:  ‘I do not wish to live in Covent Garden. Covent Garden is an expensive, soulless tourist trap. I wish to live in a community.’


Le Marche, summer 2015

Buona Domenca!!

Greetings from Italian region of Marche, where I am spending this summer with friends in DeLirica studio! So excited to arrive to the point of finalising arrangements and mixing my songs, hurray!.. At last, everything is coming together, such an intricate and fascinating process! Being my first album I’m learning so much and working in Italy is fantastic because at the end of the day, you will always see a genuine smile and beautiful food on your table. Being a foodie eating well is important for me, especially when I’m spending lots of hours in the studio. I really need those carbs;-) In the last weeks here I’ve had a chance to meet wonderful people and visit some amazing little places, which I am delighted to recommend in and around Fano.. A brilliant rest of the summer to you all!  With love,  Lola G. xXx

Locanda San Martino, Montalfoglio, restaurant of Alessandro and Marina Montanari and la mamma who is in charge of cooking.. This has been one of the best meals I’ve ever had, thanks to the hospitality and warmth of all the people who work at Locanda San Martino, exquisitely cooked lamb (Agnello con lardo di Colonnata), selection of local antipasti, wines and sweet sour cherries liquer (Vihsila) to finish the meal!

La Grotta di San Paterniano, restaurant & agriturismo, great homemade pasta and meat dishes, the place is beautifuly kept by Phillippo Pierini and members of his family.

Osteria della Peppa, Fano, traditional dishes and homemade pasta, my favourites are simple gnocchi in plenty of Pomodoro Basilico sauce. Energetic, positive owner Marco and friendly stuff will leave you wanting to come back.

Osteria del Caicco, Fano, fish restaurant of a friend Roberto Agostini… who also owns a beautiful caicco boat making it possible to book a day out in the sea!

La Luna nel Pozzo, San Vito Sul Cesano: Family restaurant, traditional Marche food, love their homemade green pasta with asparagus sauce and smoky grilled lamb!




Milano: tips 4foodies + the city as I know it

Hey there,

I love Milano & Milanese! For starters, my husband was born in Milan & couldn’t have a more Milanese name: Gian Galeazzo.  At the time, my father-in-law Wladimiro Ganzarolli was a principal singer at La Scala and lived in Milan, so that explains it; I’m just not sure if he was named after the first Duke of Milano – Gian Galeazzo Visconti or the sixth one: Gian Galeazzo Sforza!?.. Either way, it’s really nice having our friends & relatives in Milan, staying in touch with Gian’s uncle Leo and our good friends who live and work in this dynamic city.

It’s also a great honour for me as a singer starting out, to have the support of a distinguished splendid Italian designer Antonio Riva.  Spending times together in Milan and during his stays in London is always a treat.  I’m delighted that he loves my voice, my style and my cooking:-) ! And whilst I was putting a list of foodie ideas n’ places to visit in Milan, Antonio also gave me few tips, which is great, as there is nothing better than a local person confirming it!  I thank you for reading this and do hope you’ll refer to the list below on your next visit to Milano.

For me Milan is underestimated because the beauty of the city is actually hidden away in its courtyards, alleyways and hidden gardens…. Milanese are busy people but I have always found them friendly, correct & yes, very stylish!

Historic centre is full of beautiful architecture like the stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which is considered to be one of the world’s oldest shopping malls.  The centre of Milan is a great place for shopping or window shopping: check out Quadrilatero d’Oro, Milan’s fashion quarter. Here you will find the Four Seasons hotel on Via Gesù 6, I love its gorgeous courtyard & the interior…

A visit to the main cathedral, majestic Il Duomo is a must as well as booking a time slot to admire Da Vinci’s exquisite The Last Supper / Il Cenacolo at the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.[evento]&id_evento=440312

Of course, Milano is home to La Scala opera house, tickets are not so easy to get, but you might like to take a tour to see this most famous theatre inside/out!                                                     

If you really like shopping & fancy a bargain, there are couple of outlets around Milano, like Il Salvagente in Via Fratelli Bronzetti 16, Tel +39 02 7611 0328  Or visit Seravalle, for which you’ll need to take a trip to the region of Piemonte, Via della Moda, 1, 15069 Serravalle Scrivia Alessandria, Tel. +39 0143 609000

Milano sales times are:    Jan/Feb    June/July
Some useful info:


And Now to the part I like most: my list of selected restaurants & foodie places: I’m a firm believer in savouring as much the local stuff where you are, so I have put a number of traditional places as well as more trendy/ fun choices!

Al Girarrosto in via Corso Venezia 31, traditional Milanese cousine at its best.                           Tel +39 02 76 00 04 81

D’O Cornaredo, Via Magenta, 18, San Pietro All’olmo, beautiful & inventive dishes and I really like principal chef Davide Oldani’s ‘Ten Commandments of Cucina POP’ you’ll find on his site! Tel.+39 02 9362209

Sadler, via Ascanio Sforza, one of Milano’s top restaurants run by the two Michelin chef Claudio Sadler. Tel. +39 02  58104451

Nobile Bistro de Milan, really great little place for late lunch/brunch or a coffee break..  All dishes are created by chef Claudio Sadler. One of my favourites on offer is a simple, delightful dish: Bresaola con Ricottina fresca di Buffala & Carciofini….  Artichokes, I adore them! Just a short walkaway from Monte Napoleone shops and Antonio Riva’s marvellous wedding Atelier.  Corso Venezia, 45. Tel. +39 02  49526592

Cracco in Via Victor Hugo 4 ,  Chef Cracco of Milano, be sure to book in advance & be prepared to spend! Tel. +39 02 876774

Trussardi alla Scala, next to the opera house, fancy & glam 🙂 Tel. +39 02 80688201

Da Giacomo a place founded by Tuscan cook Giacomo Bulleri, offering all kinds of dishes and particularly known for his fish & seafood creations:  Via Pasquale Sottocorno ang. Via Cellini, 6, Tel: +39 02 76023313 , +39 02 76024305  

BA Asian Mood, obviously the name says it all:  I Love their interior, with exposed brickwork & radiant red lighting features; the food: the mains are ok, but this place has great starters & best ever mixed Chinese veg. -> excellent! ..  Beautiful tray of dolci & deserts on offer are from the German master of sweet things Enst Knam!                                                                                                                                                                          Via Carlo Ravizza 10, Tel. +39 02 46 93 206 ; Cell. +39 340 68 91 623

Nobu Milano is located in Armani store, good stuff, but I felt London NOBU restaurants have more to offer, still if you fancy some Japanese, head to:                                                    ViaPisoni 1;  Tel+39.02.623.12645                                                                                               

Arirang Korean Family Restaurant is a curious little place run by a Korean couple; the wife, who is a former opera singer does a beautiful job cooking traditional dishes and her husband, who will serve you is a real character, very direct, which I like, he will make sure you get a balanced, healthy meal.. Be sure to book a table at this place, which is located in:  Via Raffaello Sanzio 16. Tel: +39 02 4851 8656  & +39 3478 377905

Dolce & Gabbana Gold, that is if you want modern & trendy, this is the place to book in: stylish & very D&G! Via Carlo Poerio 2/A  Piazza Risorgimento, Tel: + 39 0275  77 771

Don Carlos, after Verdi’s ‘Don Carlo’, owners are big opera lovers and is a regular place with artists.. This restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes is located close to La Scala:                 Via Manzoni, 29, Grand Hotel et de Milan                                                                                     Tel. +39 02 72314640                                                                         

Giannino, popular trattoria Giannino exists from 1899! Traditional Milanese… the best Cotoletta Milanese!  However, according to friend’s recent visit, not really the best service, I was sorry to hear this and I’m not sure I’ll be keeping them on my list in the times to come… Via Vittor Pisani 6, Milan 20124, Tel.+39 02 66986998                                                                                                                                     

Aimo e Nadia, for some this is really the best restaurant in Milan…  Yes, I must say it was very good, maybe a touch overpriced 😉 (Apparently, Abromovich & friends once had lunch that cost him 46,000 euro!?) and hey, I wanted to wash my hands & they don’t have a hot water tap in the bathrooms– haha! However, you can find it in the area  Bande Nere: Via  Raimondo Montecuccoli 6, Tel: +39 02 416886


My favourite central cafes/ pasticerie are:

Cova,                                                                                                                                                         Via Montenapoleone 8, located in the hottest designers/boutiques street, a visit to Cova is a must. And I always try get our Christmas Panettone from them, as believe after having tried so many, Cova does have the best recipe in the world!                                    

Sant Ambroeus,
Corso Matteotti 7, how I love their window display and wild strawberry tartlets, mmm… You don’t have to sit down, having a drink & staying at the bar is much for fun: take a marochino (kind of mini cappuccino invented in Milan) and watch the very fashionable crowd of Milan’s elegant historic centre.                                                                     

And of course,  gelato !! My husband & I are big gelato fans:

Do visit our good friends Simone and Hellen @

Gelateria Baci Sottozero / Nato in Itali’:
18 Piazzale Siena, Milano 20146

All for now as I’m getting hungry! Shall add to the list as I discover new places :-)…  And do let me have your feedback… 

Love Lola



Foodie tips for Vienna

Hi, guys, hope you’re enjoying yourself whereever you are at present!

My mother-in-law happens to be in my rusty German: eine echter Wienerin=> a true Viennese.  And having a family home in the heart of the city made it possible for me explore this charming and at times, not such a charming city.  I’ve enjoyed finding out about local stuff & the things one can do whilst being in Vienna and for me, at the top of this list are: food, foodie explorations & eating out with friends and loved ones.

Vienna has a lot to offer in this respect and not only in the area of sweets and cakes… The first time I came to Austria I was impressed by the variety of sweet dishes on offer but as I came back every time I discovered new savoury dishes that are well worth trying out.

Vienna is full of shops and the city centre is full of old stuff and antiques, which is not my thing really… Yes, Vienna is a very touristy place and the prices in the centre are quite high, on the side of exaggerated, in fact, I rarely do any shopping here apart from spending loads on good food!

So I’ve decided to put a little bit of information about particular places I love coming back to and, being a foodie, I like to try out new stuff too, so I am very happy to hear from everyone with their own tips as well, yes, please 🙂

Firstly, a visit to Vienna needs to include a visit to one of the cafes:

Cafe Central, Cafe Mozart or the one on my street: Café Demel, the sugar window displays are always entertaining, but, unfortunately, the treats don’t taste as good as they look, I don’t recommend the cakes at Demel – they are far too sweet, but the interior of the cafe is lovely, so you could pop in for a quick Wiener Melange or an Eiskaffee to check it out.

And here are some places that I would recommend to you, fellow foodies, if you are a first time visitor or if you happen to visit the city of Vienna:

Zum Schwarzen Kameel , one of my favourite spots where locals hang out too, I prefer staying in the bar area, where you can enjoy the atmosphere & watch the crowd, get some nibbles- tartines and a glass of wine, only it can get very busy at times & smoky…  So many people still smoke in Vienna, so if you’re a smoker, you’re in, if you are not a smoker, like myself, well, tough luck, you might find someone puffing a cigar in your face! By the way, avoid tourist trap restaurant ‘Figlmuller’, advertised as serving the best Schnitzel in town, instead try a Viennese schnitzel at ‘Zum Schwarzen Kameel or Plachutta, they do a great job!

I try to avoid big hotel/hotel restaurants, but this one has special location & vibe:

Do&Co has an Onyx bar and a restaurant serving Thai / oriental and continental food: in the summer, book a place on a ‘terrazza’ with a view over St Stephan’s square:

Procacci bar / restaurant, close to Stephan’s dome, a fun place to stop for a drink or Italian flavours infused dinner or lunch:

Fabios trendy bar & restaurant, considered offering the best Italian in town , attracting crème de la crème of Viennese society…People watching is fun and Yes, it’s great food, though, prepare to cash out!

Practically, few steps from Fabios, you will find the famous store:

Meinl am Graben local & fine foods store, pricy but fun to walk around, in particular, I love their upstairs bakery, get a Laugen Crouissant , a lighter version of a classic croissant made with special butter, a breakfast treat I enjoy with D’Arbo 70% fruit jams, strawberry or classic marillen , oh, so tasty Austrians apricots! Visiting Meinl, you can also enjoy a lovely Turkish coffee at the downstairs cafe’ or savour traditional dishes in the formal upstairs restaurant, I recommend booking a table overlooking the main central pretty pedestrian street of Graben.

Sacher Hotel, coffee shops /bar/ chocolate spa:  Sure to be on each visitor’s destination’s list & an institution, quite like the ‘Tea at the Ritz’ in London, a visit to the legendary Sacher is a must: only I would recommend getting a Punshe törtchen, little rum cake with whipped cream, it’s delish and in my opinion much lovelier than the usual Sacher torte, which you must try in any case! If you are visiting during winter months, the bar of the Sacher hotel serves a really nice Glühwein / Mulled wine.  The spa upstairs is considered the best one in Vienna, offering overpriced chocolate based treatments, no swimming pool, but the salt & herbal steam rooms can be rather relaxing during the long winter months!

Hollmann Salon:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Excellent place for breakfast/branches, book for Saturday am.  Sat. breakfast till 2pm, lunch, dinners, Sunday closed.

Steirereck, a kind of top Gordon Ramsay’s of Vienna, rated as the best restaurant in town, preparing traditional dishes (Great Cheese trolley!), it is located in the Stadtpark. You might like a walk & get a coffee and a pastry at the less formal part of the restaurant, café Meierei…

Plachutta, traditional stuff and Excellent for steaks n meat dishes! In winter, I particularly enjoy their Tafelspitz, boiled beef in the tasty broth, served with various veg and rosti potatoes… The one I like to go to is on Wollzeile 38, 1010 Vienna:  +43 1 5121577                   

RedRoom:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Just around the corner from Plachutta, there is the ‘Red Room’ cocktail bar and a disco club, which often plays music of the 90s music, it’s small but it’s neat.

Naschmarkt:                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Vienna’s most popular market, touristy, but definitely, worth a visit:  Also a popular place to have your sushi or Vietnamese.

Haas Haas on Stefan’s square is a great place to buy some teas, which you can take back home with you!  Funny enough, English Earl Grey and Golden Assam Melange are great choices! And I love their selection of Green, Blue and White teas with exotic fruits flowers’n flavours… You could try a blue tea / oolong with goji berries…

Würstelstand:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Your visit to Vienna is incomplete without a late night stop at one of the sausage stands, they are served with pickles and wholesome hearty rye bread, one of the best stands is the one next to the Opera house – Würstelstand Zur Oper!

Hope you find this useful! I will add to this list as I keep exploring 🙂 … Enjoy your day & more to come later with my foodie adventures in other cities like Milano & London,

Love  Lola




December 25th, Christmas 2013

Hi there, just a quick post to wish you all a Merry Christmas & fantastic healthy’n fruitful New Year 2014!!!
I am so looking forward to the new year and more music, singing & music experiences to share with you all.
With love, Lola xXx


Greece, the Ionian islands, first impressions …

I wanted to visit Greece ever since I saw that movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”…, not that the movie was particularly great or the main characters convincing: Penelope Cruise as a Greek country girl or Nicholas Cage as an Italian officer…  but it was because of the sea and the stunning scenery & natural beauty of the Ionian island of Cephalonia that completely captured my adventure spirit..

Being a great lover of travelling and having not had a proper holiday break all of this summer, I did not hesitate to accept Italian friends’ invitation to join them sailing in the Ionian last month of September…  Last week has been most memorable and has not passed without some really big waves and dizzy spells back on terra ferma…  I have never fully understood the meaning of the word ‘turbulence’ until the 3rd day of sailing :-(!.. Saying that, sailing is the most amazing way to explore any new territory and since it was my first visit to Greece I thought I would also share some of my impressions…  Greek people seem genuine, hospitable, warm and spontaneous and express their content or dislike without much hesitation. The sea is crystal clear, one can swim even in the harbours (most of them), but without much marine life, so no-scuba fun for me! The food on the island did not offer much variation, same repertoire of well known starters and mains:  the best meal we have had was at Dimitry’s on the island of  Zakynthos…    Dimitry’s family basically run the island and I highly recommend their family restaurant, his sister and mum cooked up a real feast for us and one could taste and see how much care & love they put into it!

Another memorable meal was the night before departure at the traditional restaurant ‘Porta Remounda Barabas’ on the island of Corfu, which offered probably the best wild sea bass I ever had, with excellent service and wine.

Corfu is a fun a place to visit, bubbly, with some trendy places, e.g. I really liked the feel and interior of the cafe / bar ‘Bristol’…  At the same time Corfu retains the old charm of its historic buildings and narrow alleys, which at night reminded me of some Italian towns, as well as Naples or Sicily.

Load of British people, compatriots!  It looks as if half of Britain are sailing or chilling out on the Greek islands at this time of year… No surprise, the weather is not going to get any better in UK, winter is coming!

Being a speaker of 3 ½ languages I thought I would understand some Greek, but no, not a single word!  ‘Yamas’ = ‘Cheers!’ is the one words I knew and remember 🙁

From the islands visited I particularly enjoyed Ithaca, Cephalonia and Lefkada… and can’t wait to have an opportunity to explore the ones in the Aegean Sea!..  My husband got so into it and inspired that he is now embarking on doing a Yachtmasters license! So I might well be writing my 2d album on the boat, hurray!!!

So many places to visit and such beautiful places indeed. Have a wonderful day!

Love,  Lola xXx