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July 2013, Greetings from Fano, Italy

Hey, everyone,

So glad to be in Italy!  It’s a perfect place for making music and working on my 1st Album… I feel honoured to be learning about the craft of song writing from composer pianist Laurex or Bruno Laurenti and to be working with the head of DeLirica Studio in Fano,  Paolo Berti, as well as getting to know other amazing Italian musicians.  I’m learning so much every day and can’t wait to get my EP out there but have to be patient.. these last days in the studio have been really intense.

The weather in Marche, Fano has been great and after so many month of cold’n rain in London, it’s such a joy to feel the morning sunshine and the sea air, as well as to enjoy some amazing Italian food!  Thanks to Gian for being here every step of the way of this fascinating process!

I really wish everyone a fantastic rest of the summer and holidays, what ever you’re up to..

Love Lola xXx


In memory of James Gibb, beloved teacher and dearest friend

Everyone remembers a good teacher…

These last few weeks were overshadowed by the sad news of my beloved teacher and concert pianist James Gibb passing away in London on the 16th June 2013.

Jimmy was not only an amazing musician but an inspiration in all senses, a loyal friend and a fantastic human being, who was there for me in the hardest of times… I am so glad to have seen Jimmy smiling few weeks ago, just before leaving for Italy, as always, with music scores in his hands, as Jimmy was playing and practicing daily at the age of 95!  So many special memories of our times together, like going to Africa together ten years ago…  Jimmy was 85 and we two went to Malawi for some concerts together, it was such an amazing trip!.. For many years he was the head of piano department and then a Professor Emeritus at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London and I had the honour to be his last student at the GSMD.  He had an incredibly open mind and was happy for me to play George Crumb’s ‘Makrokosmos’ intricate pieces for prepared piano, alongside with Mussorgsky ‘Pictures’ and Bach… After graduating I felt it was important for me to continue in a new direction and to study singing, Jimmy understood this completely and fully supported my decision.  Without me asking, he offered to be my guarantor, when I needed to take a student loan from the bank… A sign of loyalty, he said, yes, a kind of loyalty and trust I will always remember… The manager of the bank was surprised and impressed and offered me this loan without a guarantor, thanks to Jimmy for coming in with me, willing to show everything he had and to pledge for me!

A Pisces like me, Jimmy was born on 7th March, in the year 1918.  When asked how old he was, he would say ‘I don’t remember!’ as he only looked ahead and always with such positive attitude and great humour.  Jimmy was truly an exceptional human being, always so warm and caring, I give thanks for the privilege to have known him.

And for sure, those we love, live on in our hearts…                                                                                                                                                                            I want to take this moment to remember Jimmy and all those who are not with us any longer…

Love Lola



June 2013, Summer time!

Oh My God! It’s already 7th of June… The last few weeks have flown by and it is hard to believe summer is here at last… After not having any spring weather and after what seemed like a never ending gloom in grey in the London sky, we are at last getting some sunshine with hopes of a proper summer ahead!

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks.  Firstly, one of my wisdom tooth decided to come out – really annoying!  As a singer, this is the last thing I needed:  pulling out a wisdom tooth from my stubborn big jaw just before setting off for a singing work and recording sessions this summer. Luckily, with help of some clove oil’ n’ a prayer, my wisdom tooth went dormant, just as it did several months ago, Alleluja!…

On the music front, two new songs:  last week  finished my song Control Freak, yes, that’s my other me … for which I had the core lyrics sitting around for over a year… So I am very pleased about this, finally to have finished and written the music part!

As I was writing the harmonies for Control Freak , a new melody got stuck in my head, I wrote it down immediately, as I know if I don’t do it, I’ll lose it for good.  This has become verse material for a song I am currently working on, which is great fun & I think I will call it Saturday Morning 😉 …

Going to Italy soon to meet my music producer and to start working on our songs at the end of this month, can’t wait!!  So looking ahead also to catching up with our friends in Milan and my voice coach Danilo in Veneto… and of course, enjoying Italian food sunshine’n’ gelati 🙂 mmm… & cheering for Alonso/Ferrari in the Formula1 races, starting from this Sunday!

All for now I wish you all a fantastic start for this summer, whatever you’re up to, enjoy the sunshine!   Love  Lola xXx


London by night

Hi, guys,

Being a Londoner and a big London fan,  for me there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching the city at its calmest: London at night is magical.  Sunday evening is one of the best times to catch up with friends, as people are preparing for the working week ahead, the roads in the centre are less packed and everyone is generally more relaxed…  Such was the feeling yesterday evening, when I enjoyed going out and meeting few people for a birthday drink of a dear friend and superb musician, Riccardo Bonci.  He is a salt of the earth kind of guy, always a giver and a blessing of a friend! So Happy Birthday, Riccardo, Tanti Auguri! It makes me feel so grateful and it makes me smile thinking of him, my loved ones and my city, London, where most important people in my life are now…  And as the lyrics to one of my latest songs go: Now is the time… Yes, Now Is the time.  And let us make the most of it!

Have a fab week everyone & see you soon!  Love Lola xXx

PS. Happy Birthday to all having a birthday in the beautiful month May!


F1 Grand Prix Barcelona 2013

Hi Everyone
Having a great Sunday at home
We’ve been watching the Spanish Grand Prix F1 Race on television – Yeah!! Alonso won – my husband a Ferrari fan (and Italian) is so happy.
Now listening to my latest song with our friend Peter Brightman
Hope you are all having a great day!
Love Lola xXx


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